Don’t Do Anything About It

Last weekend my brother and I made a trip down to a tiny town called Hurley. (Population 800) To get there you can choose to drive the mountain pass with winding roads and one way bridges. The views were spectacular. Showing off the many splendors of creation. Most specifically the sunset. The sky had wonderful colors with shadows and depth that an iPhone can’t even come close to capturing. This was just the start.

mountain pass sunset


Hurley church was established in 1913. The church has seen a lot of different times and so has the congregation. The average age was somewhere in the 60’s-90’s. Oh, but I have never met such kind people. The stories they can tell are endless and the kindness we were welcomed with was nothing less. Though there was some miscommunication and small hiccups the service was on its way. My brother was asked to speak and did a great teaching on Ephesians 3 and I helped by playing a couple of worship songs.

hurley stain glasshurley signThen it was time for the potluck and fellowship. When you are talking to strangers conversation can initially be difficult. The same sort of questions are raised. How are you? What do you do for a living? Where are you from? And for young adults more than likely your schooling is a topic of discussion. In my last year, and now entering my last semester, the big question is ‘what’s next’? I HATE this question. Nothing against anyone who has asked. In fact, I ask it all the time. The problem is I don’t like it because I don’t know.

Shirley, asked me this question to which I honestly responded that I was unsure. I told her how I was feeling so inadequate. Especially since the day before, at work, two girls I went to high school came in. Both had already graduated, and were on to their upper-level schooling with plans set out before them. My answer? I am still in school, working at a food job, and with absolutely no direction in life. It made me feel pretty anxious about my future. I was sharing this with Shirley and I got advice I haven’t heard before. Don’t Do Anything About It.

She went on to explain. You don’t need to know. You don’t need to understand. Leave it in God’s hands. Of course, continue to look and continue to search, but don’t make finding the answer a priority. God will make it come to pass. She told the story of needing a job, and without the schooling was sent in the direction of a hospital. Where she was hired, with few qualifications, and worked there for 35 years. She told me that she loved it and never would have thought that she would have.

I have been mulling over her story and the things she said, and found her advice difficult. It is so hard to not compare to other peers or to worry about the future. I can spout out different verses to you that are applicable, but it still is hard to trust. I have this need to control and grasp onto so many areas in my life tightly. In pondering this, I think of Ruth. A woman of great faith. Having only experienced the God of the Jews, through her late husband and his family, she followed a bitter woman back to her homeland and trusted that the Lord would provide for her.ย  Leaving everything her family, her culture, her home she so desperately clung to the Living God.ย  And it wasn’t easy; back in those times two widowed women would have very few ways and means to be able to provide for themselves. Yet with hard work, time and persistence God did provide for her and blessed her by giving her another love and a son. A son that would be in the lineage of Christ no less.I know it is and will be worth it. But faith is a funny thing sometimes. Thoughts?


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