Come On, Let’s Go!

I grabbed Adelaide’s leash and hollered at her come on, let’s go.

Pure joy, energy and excitement exuded out of her little body. The jumping, turning and whole bum wiggling. It put a smile on my face, and in the moment God revealed a silly analogy.

This should be us. This should be me.  When God tells us come on, let’s go. We should be full of unfaltering faith and unbreakable trust. My little nugget has no idea where I am going to take her. Doesn’t know if it will take a long time or no time at all. She has no concept of fear in hopping in the car with me, or walking out the door. I love adventure. I love trying new things. Yet so often when God tells me come on Carissa, let’s go I run. And I don’t mean to the door. I run to my kennel (my safe place). Because in that space it is easy and it is comfortable. It is something I am familiar with.

Why is it that we live in fear? Why do we so often live in doubt and stress over the unknown? Proverbs 16:9[NLT] says ” We make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” He knows where He is going to take us and He knows the whole picture. He also tells us His plans are for good and not evil. (Jeremiah 29:11) He is a good God that wants us to enjoy the crazy adventure that comes in following Him.

So, in hesitation, we will finally walk out and trust the Lord. However, even in that we become weary. We stop and sniff the bush and don’t want to be moved. Yet God once more is saying come on, let’s go. But we dig our heels, saying I like this bush (like this season in my life). That season may not be bad, but the Lord may have a field ahead of us; a space for us to run freely, or an even bigger tree to stop and rest under. In our stubbornness and worry resist the pull of the leash. We strain against the will of the Lord sometimes choking ourselves in the process.  Or in our lack of faith we want to run ahead of the Lord. We want to lead the way charging ahead. In our defiance we create a tension in the ‘leash’. We pull when it is unnecessary. Once more we are left gasping and choking because of our refusal. Causing pain we could have avoided if we chose to believe in truth. Believe in the promises. Believe in Jehovah Jireh (God our Provider).

I want faith like my dog. I want to get excited in God’s plan for my life. Even when it is scary, even when He is asking me to give Him my most precious treasures like my desires, my gifts and my future. I don’t want to harm myself because I won’t allow God to lead me, or allow Him to drive the car. I want to hear those words come on, let’s go and get the wiggle butt syndrome. I want to be like Abraham and say Here I am Lord. (Genesis 22) I want to have a faith that will worship the Lord even we I am asked to give up what is most valuable to me. Most of all I want to fully enjoy the adventure God has called me to live out in my one shot to live for Him. Be encouraged and if you have a dog next time you go for a walk have an open heart and tell the Lord Here I am, let’s go.

adventure road


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