10 Travel Must Haves

I am by no means a travel expert, but I have had my fair share of long international flights and travel. In that time I have found some must have items that come with me every time.

  1. Water Bottle
  • Hydration is key during travel. Hours stuck in a plane with an air conditioner that uses moisture is dehydration waiting to happen. Keeping a water bottle handy is a life saver. I recommend clear as it may save some potential hassle.
  • Drink more than normal the day before you are going on a long trip to start prepping. Your body will thank you!



  1. Snacks
  • This is pretty straight forward, but if you are on a long flight with a case of the munchies or sleep through the meal having a back up plan is crucial.
  • My favorite travel snacks consist of carrots, yogurt covered pretzels, and organic dried fruit (without the sulfate preservative). I try to stay on the healthier side of snacks to avoid any extra sluggishness that naturally comes from travel.



  1. Crossbody Bag
  • I recognize this is more for the ladies, but crossbody bag is a life saver when traveling. I recommend bigger, and with a zipper top. It makes pick pocketing a bit harder.
  • Make sure to keep your passport, boarding pass and other crucial paperwork inside. It isn’t as accessible, but it keeps your information safer. That way you can breath a bit easier, and crossbody bags are fun and fashionable! (No fanny packs here folks!!)
Steve Madden.jpg
I personally used this Steve Madden purse for my last overseas adventure. I know Steve Madden can be a splurge, but if you check Ross and TJ Maxx one can be found for a reasonable price!


  1. Small Toiletries
  • Traveling leaves you exhausted and sometimes looking a bit worst for wear. I like keeping the travel size toothbrush and tooth paste, face wipes (a couple packed in a plastic bag) concealer stick, travel size hair brush and dry shampoo in my carry on. Trust me on a 4, 6 and even 12 hour layover you are going to want a quick personal hygiene pick me up to feel refreshed and ready to take on the next leg of your trip. (Don’t forget the gum!)


  1. Cozy/Extra Pair of Socks
  • Air planes are known for being cold and uncomfortable. Kick off your shoes and put on a pair of cozy socks (be aware of smelly feet though). Keep them in your personal bag so you don’t have to get out of your seat. To save room roll them up tightly with a rubber band. Being comfortable on a long flight is key.
  • Side note: Don’t wear jeans/pants that need a belt.
Perhaps some cozy Christmas sock!


  1. Blanket Scarf
  • Hands down one of my favorite travel items especially for traveling during colder weather. It is so versatile you can wear it as a cute and cozy accessory for your outfit (I would recommend keeping it in your overhead bag until after security; less of a hassle), you can take it off and bunch it up as a pillow to rest your head against, or use it as a blanket as you sleep on the plane or rest in the terminal. Plus, most long flights come with a generic blanket and pillow so the blanket scarf adds to the comfort.
Blanket Scarf and Time Square = One Happy Girl in New York


  1. Music
  • Traveling can be so nostalgic! I recommend splurging a little and buying a brand new music album before you go on your trip. As you listen to the new album you have the memories associated with the trip anytime you hear it afterwards.
  • My last trip I bought Alex & Sierra ‘It’s About Us’ album, and I can still remember it playing as I looked out over the Italian coast line and the Tuscan vineyards as my friend and I traveled south on the train. Trust me it is worth it!
  • My current album suggestion would be Canyon City ‘Midnight Waves’ so calm, soothing and beautiful for a peaceful trip.


  1. Book
  • It is cliché and well known, but a true life saver! If you need to save space download one onto your phone. I recommend ‘Through the Eyes of a Lion’ by Levi Lusko. Trust me you will have the flight attendant thoroughly concerned for your mental health because one moment you will be laughing hysterically and the next you are sobbing as you read Levi and Jennie Lusko’s journey through loss.
  • If you can’t sleep on the plane it’s a classic way to pass the time!



  1. International Travel Converter and Adapter
  • Remember each country has their own electrical outlets and charges. Just the adapter alone will not work. The voltage is different and our electronics are built differently. The converter changes the voltage so it doesn’t fry your electronic or blow a fuse.  Keep it on hand; when you get to another country and have a lay over you are going to need it near by to charge your electronics!
The brand I bought for the last time I traveled. A little on the heavy size, but does the job!


  1. Coffee
  • Is this even a question? A travel must have is at least one coffee drink along the way. If you must because you want to sleep on the plane it’s the one instance I will over look ordering decaf. Coffee is part of the experience. (A personal travel ritual is the Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte or Steamer perfect relaxing drink)



I hope this list was helpful and somewhat enjoyable! I would love to hear your own personal travel must have’s. Happy traveling friends!!

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