The Happy Hart’s

Fear… Isn’t it funny how something unseen can completely rule your life?

I’ve allowed the fear of people and not being good enough drive so many of my decisions and choices. In working on overcoming my fear I have decided to step out.

I have begun to pursue photography and am LOVING it!! It is challenging and I have so much to learn, but couldn’t be more excited about what can come from being bold.

The Happy Hart’s

My sweet sister and brother-in-law are seriously some of my favorite people. I am so grateful to have the Hart’s in my life! They set such a godly example on how to love Jesus, and I have learned so much from them! A huge shoutout goes to this joyous couple for being my first portfolio session!

Take a look!



If you were to ask me what one of my favorite things about the Hart’s is I would have to tell you it’s their authenticity. They are open and are not afraid to live real.



IMG_0801 2
The way they smile at each other.
My Dad when looking at these photos, ” Ria, what happened to your head? It’s crooked.” #DadJokes


When you tell your brother-in-law to stop smiling like Chandler Bing, and you get this beauty after.

Separate yet connected.
If you don’t believe in love; just spend two minutes in the presence of these two. I dare say your opinion might change!

IMG_5230 copy

I love love!
When you desperately want to take a hipster photo! #ZendosCoffeeABQ
Hot & Cold





Hope you enjoyed the photos!

“Life is best served with a hot cup of coffee and a whole lot of grace!”



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