The Sharpes

Photographing these two was such a joy! They were so laid back and up for anything. Lots of jokes and sass came during our river walking session. I loved how they turned something that could be potentially awkward into a playful fun experience. Happy one year anniversary to the wonderful Sharpes!

Check it out!!

IMG_6864 copyIMG_6888 copyIMG_6909-EditIMG_6902 copyIMG_6922 copyIMG_6950 copyIMG_6892 copyIMG_6964IMG_7027-Edit.jpgIMG_7034 copyIMG_6928-Edit.jpgIMG_7151 copyIMG_7059 copyIMG_7134 copyIMG_7062 copyIMG_7114 copyIMG_7163 copyIMG_6984 copy.jpg

“Life is best served with a hot cup of coffee and a whole lot of grace!”


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