New Beginnings

I’ve been nostalgically looking over the last year. 2017 was a year of new and exciting. I ventured out into the world of photography. I had the amazing opportunity to intern with the talented crew of Southwest Wedding Films, got a job that brings stability that was long desired, revamped this very blog and started to get a small glimmer of what it is that God has called me to do. It has been exciting and nerve-wracking.

It was a year of facing man’s opinion. Overcoming fear in order to stop waiting to live and achieve. It was learning that its ok that I am not perfect. That my best is good enough. It was redirecting my thought life from self inflicting to life giving.

It was also a year of failing and deep hurt. I was a year of succumbing to fear. Fear I would lose the roof over my head, fear I wouldn’t be able to make ends meet and that God would not provide. It was the pain of losing some of what I loved, and the residue of that ache, and fighting through it.

In juxtaposition it created a new strength with the new pain. It was allowing people to be removed to see the need in my life for Jesus. It was stripping idols I had created in order for my worship to no longer be divided.

It was in itself a good year. In the valleys and the mountain tops it was a year of learning.

I am excited for the next year and the highs and lows it will bring. The extenuation of the vision that is in my heart. Just like with every day His mercies begin anew so does each year. A new year to sit in His grace. Another year to discover a deeper understanding of God, of what it means to be a friend, a sister and daughter. And a new year to share the wandering rambles that exists in my mind and heart.

Praying that your next year will be a blessed one! Happy New Year!

All my love,


โ€œLife is best served with a hot cup of coffee and a whole lot of grace!โ€

2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Your words offer water to my dry soul. The wisdom, growth, and strength you have gained this year blows my mind sometimes. You continue to be a light in my life, and an influence even when you don’t know it. 2018 will be filled with such amazing things for you.


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