10 Best Travel Apps

I have been planning my trip back over to the UK to visit two of my closest friend with a quick stop to Reykjavik, Iceland. I can not wait to see them and spend time with them. I may be one of the few people that enjoy the planning aspect in doing so I wanted to share 10 of the best travel apps I have found so far!


1. Skyscanner

My first step in planning a trip is Skyscanner. I love a good deal and Skyscanner helps with that. The website and the app search the web to find the cheapest flights from your location to destination. Beware it will often show extremely cheap flights, but its normally because the travel time is pretty long. But if you keep scrolling you can normally find some really good deals on international flights. I have bought all my flights via Skyscanner. It pulls up airlines I would otherwise not know existed that may have cheaper options.

2.  Airbnb

I can’t remember the last time I planned a trip with a hotel. I only use Airbnb. When I travel I desire to be able to understand the culture. I want to see what it would really be like to live in that city. I know thats a tall order for only being a place for a few days, but I find that using Airbnb helps with that. Your hosts tend to be locals with some great  recommendations. It gives you an opportunity to see neighborhoods and homes getting the atmosphere of that city. I find Airbnb homes safer and more comfortable. Another thing I love about Airbnb is that both parties get rated. You can rate the home at which you stayed and the host can rate you. It is a system that helps create an environment of respect from both sides. I have found some of the nicest and trendiest spots traveling this way. Try it you won’t be disappointed.

3. Rome2Rio

I love this app because it helps you to visually see what your trip will be like. My last trip over to Europe I found this was most helpful in understanding what my travel time would be. It also searches flights, accommodation and transport for you. With my last trip using this app is why we chose to just explore Italy. We were trying to see as much as we could but when we saw the total travel time we realized we would be spending more time traveling then we would actually exploring.


4. GlobeConvert

This app is super helpful in planning and traveling. Its not always easy to be able to convert currency on your own. This app is straight forward and simple. Just chose the two currencies and enter the amount. It’s good to know before hand the difference to be aware of what your spending whilst you are there.

5. Uber

I found Uber useful for the last minute adventures. If you took public transport to get somewhere and wandered afterwards sometimes it is easier to call an Uber than trying to navigate your way back to your accommodations.  It is a good back up when your not too worried about saving money or if you need the time saver of a direct trip.

6. Apple Wallet

Having all your online purchases saved to your Apple wallet is very useful. My last trip I saved all my flight to apple wallet and had all the info at the click of a button. I felt more organized having all the important information in one location.

7. Google Translate

Let’s be real. There is no way to learn every language before you go to another country. I love using this app before the trip to practice what phrases I can, but its also helpful if your in a bind and need to communicate in another language. It is a good tool to reference. I know for me its top priority to know how to ask for a cappuccino in each language. 😉


8.  Yelp

Yelp is how I discovered the best pizza I have ever had! [Thank you Milano for that treat!] It is not in every country, but like using it here in the states it serves the same purpose abroad. Highly rated coffee, restaurants, and services.

9. Maps

Its straight forward, but Maps is the most helpful. I know it requires wifi, but most places will have cafes or a McDonalds with free wifi. If your lost just keep an eye out for the Golden Arches and maps will guide you the rest of the way!

10. iBooks

A great way to have all your important information mobile. Itineraries and other documents. Not to mention something to do on the travel time. Read a good book to help pass the time and save space in the carry on!


I can’t wait to see the great wonder that is Reykjavik, Iceland, and hope that some of these apps will be found helpful for your next adventure.

Happy Travels!!

“Life is best served with a hot cup of coffee and a whole lot of grace!”


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