Why Dogs are a Girls Best Friend + Dog Mom OOTD

I seriously think I love my dog too much sometimes. Sure she can push my limits and get on my nerves like any relationship, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Here are some reasons why.

She is Happy to See You

Especially if you are single there is something about coming home to someone happy to see you. Who won’t calm down until you get down to their level for some quality cuddle time.

Snuggle Session

I am a pretty non-touchy person, but something about a dog snuggling up in your arms while you watch a movie is the life.

She Knows When I Need Comfort

I think we could all related to being on the verge of tears, but holding it back until you get home. When I am letting my tears flow that little pup won’t leave my side until I am feeling better; which means so much. Sometimes comfort doesn’t need words.


The More Boys I Meet the More I Love My Dog

Need I say more? Shout out to Carrie Underwood for that one!

Keeps You Active

Having a dog gets you out of the house to soak up the Vitamin D. One of my favorite things in the entire world is going for evening walks with Addie in the summer!


They Make You Grow Up

Having Addie taught me how to be more responsible with my time and money.  Cause lets be real the vet is not a cheap place.

They Make You Laugh!

I love my dog, but I can admit she is not the most athletic. I’m sure you’ve seen the video going around of a golden retriever that doesn’t do too well on catching objects. Lets just say that dog has got nothing on Addie. It sure is funny to watch her try.


They Help With Your Work

Truth be told I don’t know how helpful it really is, but it’s cute when they try.


Someone to Go On Adventures With

You always have a companion to go hiking and camping with. Someone to see the sites with you and experience those sweet quiet moments of exploration.


Someone to Practice your Photo Skills On

I mean when your dog has got that blue steel thing going on how are you not supposed to?


They Need You Just As Much

She needs you as much as you need her.

A Best Friend

In all that dog will be your best friend.

So now that you want to adopt a dog happy searching for your newest best friend! And for your first Dog parent day here is a pup inspired outfit inspiration.

IMG_0136final (1 of 1)
Enter Top: Altar’d State 
Bottoms: Guess
Jacket: NewLook

All My Love,


“Life is best served with a hot cup of coffee and a whole lot of grace!”


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