Year 25 Bucket List Challenge

It has finally happened regardless of my hoping it wouldn’t come I am now 25. I know its not that old, but something about this age is hitting pretty hard. Maybe it’s the quarter of a century thing or maybe if I am being honest sometimes I still struggle with where I am in life verses the life I had expected for myself. However, I am determined to make 25 count. I have decided this year I am going to make a bucket list of 25 things I would like to accomplish.

  1.  Get two more countries off my list. [I have a life goal of going to 15 countries by the time I am 30.]
  2.  Successfully make a chocolate cake from scratch. [Baking is not my forte!]
  3.  Run a 10k
  4. Volunteer at the Special Olympics
  5. Go on a weekend trip with just my Jeep and Addie
  6.  Successfully create a time-lapse video
  7.  Go to Coffee and Painting Night
  8.  Make a tie-dye shirt
  9.  Buy a Canon 5D Mark iii
  10.  Get a tan
  11.  Be an extra in a movie
  12.  Try lash extensions
  13. Take a photography class
  14. Recreate an old photo
  15. Buy a book leave a note in it for someone somewhere
  16. Randomly send a themed box to somebody (i.e. all yellow sunshine box)
  17. Learn Spanish (at least get better at it!)
  18. Successfully keep a plant alive
  19. Start bible college
  20. Plan a surprise for someone
  21. Ride in a hot air balloon
  22. Volunteer for Night to Shine
  23. Go to Meow Wolf
  24. Sing in public somewhere
  25. Try rolled ice cream


I am excited to continue to embrace the season in life God has called me to, and to live fully! My hope is to continue to grow in Jesus and to love others better. So cheers to accomplishing year 25!

With Love,


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