Because of the Blood

Happy Easter!! I was feeling pretty silly because I didn’t realize I had planned my trip during Easter Sunday. But while in Reykjavík, Iceland I decided to find a church I could attend. In doing my research I found Upper Room Church. It is an awesome church that had English translation for the sermon and sang a mix of English and Icelandic worship songs. (With the dreamiest of views!)

The sermon came from Isaiah 53. It’s a brutal passage about Jesus, and what he endured to sacrifice Himself so that we may be redeemed. As the pastor was speaking he said why do we not weep when we read the passage? He asked why do we just mark another chapter of our Bible in a year plan and move on.

I am so guilty of this. Of reading about who God is and what Jesus has done and moving on. I think we’ve created a culture of casual Christianity. It’s check marks and to dos, but not always a relationship. Why do I so often not spend really deep quality time with Jesus. I was encouraged by the rest of the sermon about soaking in what Christ’s sacrifice is and the wonder that is salvation. About becoming truly passionate about everything God has given us.

And to remember the blood that was shed for us. As I sat there the blood of Christ became a little more real. There I was  1,000s of miles away from home, but because of His blood I can sit in a church surrounded by family. By brothers and sisters in Christ who will love me and spend time with me. The cross and resurrection does not just mean our freedom, but it’s grace on top of grace. It’s getting a family to go through life with. It is being encouraged by others who in their own country miles away have the same desire. It’s coming together with those who speak a different language to sing praises to our King. It was so beautiful to see their love for others and their passion to reach the lost.No matter the country we all have the same call.

Love God. Love Others

And we love because He first loved us. So much so He sent His only son to die on a cross so we might be saved. But the story didn’t end on the Cross because death could not defeat Him. HE IS RISEN! 


Also I LOVE having a reason to dress up! Got this girly spring look for Easter!

MetroWear Blush Pink Tutu Skirt similar

H&M Conscious White Button Up Blouse Similar

Charlotte Russe Ankle Strap Dress Sandal


Happy Easter!

3 thoughts on “Because of the Blood

  1. I love this post! So glad you made it safely! Praying the rest of your trip is equally as blessed. SUPER cute girly outfit! Was this taken over there.. prob not, huh? It looks too cold! The back drop is great. Enjoy your trip!


  2. This is so cool and such an answer to prayer. Early this morning I was asking Jesus to give you someone to share the day with! PTL!


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