Inviting God for Cereal

“Grunting over cereal is a real life relationship, and often times those grunts are saying pass the cereal please.”

I was laughing and saying so true to these words. A friend spoke about the fact relationships are not always deep life moving chats, but sometimes its just being near each other while you eat cereal after a long day. We had just been discussing our desire to be better at involving God into our day to day lives. Let’s be honest, we can all go hours (maybe you get in work mode, mom mode, student mode, friend mode etc.) and forget to stop and talk to God. We get so wrapped up in whatever it is we are doing hours go by before we may even think about God. I have been feeling convicted about being more aware of God during my day because if I am going honest I am not very good at it, and I believe I miss a lot of opportunities to love on others. But I think as Christians we often put this level of performance upon ourselves when it comes to our relationship with God. There is the pressure of I have to talk to God this amount of times, they have to be deep, radical and holy words too.

But I think like any other relationship there is a part of ours with God were he just wants us to be present with Him. To invite Him into everyday moments. To ask Him to come and crunch numbers with you, to study for your exam, or change those diapers with you. Opening yourself up to time with God outside of prayer and quiet times with the Lord.  Because the beautiful thing is God is always with us.

So even if you are exhausted coming home late after a long day of work and the only energy you have left in you is to grab a bowl of cereal, invite God to come meet you in that moment and enjoy a that milk soaked goodness!

In Love,


“Life is best served with a hot cup of coffee and a whole lot of grace!”

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