10 Steps for Starting a New Job

Starting a new job can be scary and anxiety inducing. So many unknowns… Will you be a good fit, will you enjoy it, will your new coworkers like you or will you like them? And that is just the tip of the thought life iceberg we tend to dwell on.

I have been complying a list of tips and techniques I have been developing and implementing in the multiple times I have started a new job and as I am going through the new person transition in a recent job change.

1. Confidence is Key

Confidence can sometimes be an abstract word; hard to understand and hard to live out. It comes with the balance of confidence, but not cockiness. An important caveat to remember is ultimately where your worth comes from. When you know your worth comes from Jesus you can live in that freedom. Then knowing who you are is crucial. You can go into your first day of a new job confident because you know your character. You know you work hard, that you believe in your ability to learn and dedicate yourself to putting in the effort needed to grasp your new position. Not to mention confidence juxtaposed with the desire to learn; creates a less threaten and more welcoming environment to others around you. Making coworkers more willing to be patient with you and more interested in getting to know you.

2. Be Open

If you are naturally introverted, like myself. Your tendency may be to take lunch to your self. You are probably already feeling drained by the pure amount of people you just met and names you are trying to remember. If you can, stay in the break room on your lunch for your first couple of days even weeks. Even if most people come to heat up their food and eat at their desk, you are still laying the foundation of being open and welcoming camaraderie.

3.  Make It Your Space

I remember the first time I got my first desk job I felt a bit silly decorating my workplace, because I cared what others would think of how quickly I made myself comfortable. However, creating my own little space it helped to create a sense of comfort. Similar to moving into a new space, it won’t start to feel like home until you get your first decor pieces up. Where its a desk space or buying a lock for a break room locker. Give yourself a small space. The more you feel at home the more confident you will be!

4. Get Organized

As you are getting started and learning what roles are in your job description now is the best time to build good habits. Find the supply room and get your desk set up with all your office needs. Start organizing you email inbox. Find you to do list rhythm. Whether it be classic pen and paper, your calendar, excel spread sheet, or folders. Find you system!

5. Use Your Community

When I first started my current job I spent some time on the phone with a close friend sharing some concerns and worries. Knowing someone believe in you and is willing to listen and support you can make all the difference in the world. Finding someone older than you who has been there. For me I went to my parents. They both have had similar concerns or struggles in entering a new job before and were able to share wisdom and resources from their own experiences.

6. Take Care of Yourself

Starting a new job is taxing. Coming home tired and drained is not uncommon. In the midst of that keep up your physical health. Don’t skip out on the workouts and eating right. Your body needs the consistency of that routine to help adjust.

7. Find Your Balance

New jobs often mean you spend extra time on off hours to learn and develop. Set boundaries at the beginning on how much work you will allow yourself to take home. Overworking yourself especially when you are still adjusting can be setting yourself up for emotional distress. It is ok to turn off work mode and rest.

8. Be Yourself

YOU got hired on for a reason.

9. Coffee and Grace

If there is anything to do when starting a new job it is to show yourself grace! You are going to make mistakes and not have all the answers. Switching your from viewing mistakes as failure to learning experience, you are allowing yourself to have a more positive outlook that will lead to success. Mostly, you are going to be TIRED. Help yourself to that beautiful cup of Joe. Bring your favorite mug into work

10. Breathe and pray!

As my Mom told me growing up, “Do your best and commit the rest.” Take your worries and anxieties and lay them at the feet of Jesus.


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