Summer Lemon Themed Party


I have longed to have a space to host others so it’s safe to say I was a bit extra for the first gathering at my house. I have been in love with the idea of a lemon party after seeing the idea of lemon balloons on Pinterest and I couldn’t help but have fun with it! To top it off it was done on a budget.

One of my favorite finds was yellow burlap from Walmart. I had no idea there was colored burlap out these days and that a roll was super cheap! It was the perfect way to spruce up a cheap plastic table cover.


I had fun keeping with the theme on the drink table! A mixture of Passion Tea, Lemonade and Cucumber and Lemon water.


I recruited my Mom to help me bake some Lemon Bars since I recognized that baking is not my skill set, and they turned into a HIT! Topped it off with lemon drops, lemon candies and jars from the dollar store.



And yes to top it off I matched my dog and my outfit to the theme. I just couldn’t resist 🍋

High Waisted Sash Tie Ankle Pants – $69.90

Lemon Camisole Top –  $12.99

I hope you got some fun ideas and have a blast throwing a lemon party!

With Grace,


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