$0.97 Dog Mom Hack!


Dogs are the best!! I have always loved putting Addie in bandannas, and though I normally buy them from an Etsy store called Dog Charms, I found a hack that I am in love with!

Fat Quarter

Walmart has a variety of Fat Quarters in the fabric section that are perfect for a dog bandanna! In store the price started at $0.97 and online prices start at $1.67. Guys that is dirt cheap!!

Step One: Once all the packaging is removed fluff out the fabric onto a flat surface

Step Two: Make one corner to the other side resulting in a triangle

Step Three: Cut along the access to create the triangle









Step Four: Fold down the cut piece and tie it around your pup’s neck!









Let me know if you try the hack in the comments below and which fabric you chose! ย I love the summery fun cacti on Adelaide!

Hoping you have a smiling pup filled day!

With Grace,






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