Trying Amazon Clothing!

I decided to try Amazon clothing for the first time! I normally can not purchase something unless I have tried it on because I hate making returns. So I have been reluctant to try Amazon clothing. However, now that you can return Amazon items to Kohl’s it makes trying on and sending clothes back much easier. Here are a few items I bought and my thoughts!

  1. Grey Turtleneck Sweater:I was over all happy with this item! It was comfortable and cozy!ย  I may be going back for a black version of this soon! It was a little on the small size so I might consider going a size up on my next one.
  2. Camel Trenchcoat: This was the one I was most excited for, unfortunately the coat was too big. I ordered a small for reference and I can vary between a small and medium. I did decided to send this back and keep looking for the perfect coat.
  3. White Loafers:Love, love, love these! I am slowing adding pairs to my loafer obsession and I love these. I have worn them casually and to work and they are super comfortable. I bought these when they were on sale for $34. However, the price has since jumped back up.

Overall, I was pretty happy with what I ordered. Now being able to return to a Kohl’s location without the hassle of labels and shipping it has made me more open to continue to shop Amazon clothing. Let me know what your favorite Amazon clothing find has been in the comments!

With Grace,


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