Holiday Table Scapes

And just like that my first holiday season is over in my very first home! And of course because I am extra I had to host not one but two parties! And of course each party needed a different theme. I was so happy with how both turned out! Each was done on a budget and details are shared below!

White Elephant Party- Non Traditional





I LOVE ecualyptus! So I wanted to incorporate the plant into a Holiday design. So hosting for 20 people I set out 3 tables and went to Trader Joe’s for ecualyptus $2.99 each! The center piece was one of my favorite thrifted finds!! The black candle holders were originally Threshold from Target and the gold wood pillar was a thrifted World Market find. Who doesn’t love World Market?! The smaller candle votives were Dollar Tree finds. Just goes to show you should never count the dollars store out! Finishing touches were red holly picks from Dollar Tree and pine cones picked up from my own backyard. Overall I was so happy with how this table turned out and a huge sigh of relief being able to fit all of my community group in this space!


“More” Traditional Table Setting – Family Dinner

Though I was slightly overwhelmed at first; I was truly so excited to host my family for the first time for Christmas. So I wanted to make sure the Holiday was special.




Starting with the place setting the white chargers and the black plates are from again Dollar Tree. I bought both the Black Table cloth and the Buffalo Check runner on Amazon I will link below!

Black Table Cloth

Buffalo Runner

For the name tags I did a combo of a DIY clear ornament and wood tags I found at the Vintage Market in Abq. The ornaments cost me a total of $4 and the tags were $2 each. I picked up the greenery with my Lowe’s and Home Depot hack. Both stores have their extra cuttings and wood pucks for free pickings during the holiday season. I went a bit crazy in my house with little cuttings everywhere, but it was a free way to add more green everywhere. All the candle votives were another Dollar Tree steal. I used the left over black ornaments from my tree, and picked up white ornaments from Michael’s and wrote the different names of Jesus on them. The center piece was a $3 wreath from Micheal’s and thrifted candle holders I sprayed black.

All in all both set ups were extremely cost effective and done with a lot of items I already had around the house as well. Who says you can’t celebrate Christmas on a budget!

I would love to see if either of these inspire you! Don’t forget to send me you photos on Instagram!

With Grace,


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