Seasonal Decor on a Budget!

This whole idea started last year when I was wandering through a Michael’s, as I am way too guilt of doing, and I saw the cutest lemon print photo and frame. I picked it up and saw $40! I was shocked by the price and I went you know I could do this for less!

So I went to photoshop and created my own lemon print graphic and searched high and low in thrift stores for a larger picture frame and $10 later I had this!

  1. Thrifted Photo Frame and Print


As the seasons have continued I have swapped out the photo for Fall and Christmas time images.

To keep cost lower I go to Walgreens or Walmart to print my for my 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10 frames this keeps the cost under a few bucks!

** Make sure to send me a DM on Instagram for my new Spring print!


2. Chalkboard Art

I have been developing a love for hand lettering with chalk markers these last few years! I don’t think by any means I am an expert, but when I truly need to force myself to rest I will sit and draw out a new design. Often I used this as a way to decorate for the smaller holidays. After the initial cost of the chalkboard and chalk markers this is pretty much free.

*side-note: I don’t have a tutorial on it yet, but my chalkboard was made by thrifted frames and paint chalk boards another way to save on cost!

3. Front Door Mat

I love a good welcome mat! It just is a cozy feeling when I walk up to my door and I see a mat that makes me smile even just a little. There are so many ways to change this up including a mat for different seasons or a different runner to match the Holiday.

4. Letter Board

I love trying to find fun quotes for seasons that would work well on a small letter board. It’s an easy way to get subtle hints of the season into your home!

5. Kitchen Towel

A nice seasonal kitchen towel is a budget friendly way to add a bit of holiday to your home.

**Don’t forget the dollar store! I found the cutest valentines day wall hang for only $1.

I hope maybe this inspired you to add a little seasonal happiness into your home!

With Grace,


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