Boho Dining Room on a Budget!


I wanted to decorate my dining room as I continue to remodel my home, but as I am working on big renovation projects I wanted to keep my budget low in designing this space.

I used an existing black office table that was given to me when I moved in as the base for the living room, but the chairs that came with it were a bit too corporate. So I decided to hit Facebook Marketplace and found two wooden chairs for $5 each! I sanded each one down and painted them black.


I was in antique heaven when I found both of these beautiful rattan chairs. I took a poll on Instagramย and found out you all were as torn as I was on which one to buy so I got them both. I sanded, stained and reupholstered with a faux black leather.


I found this one at Savers for $3.99 and gave it a sand and coat of black paint. (I did buy more chairs than I need because I eventually want a nice long wood table in this space)


I usually go as matchy matchy as I can, starting with the chairs I challenged myself outside of my comfort zone to make mixed matched match.

Final touches on the table are a faux throw I found for $0.99 at a Savers, a black suede pillow I made, and a black and white xo table runner that was also thrifted for $4.


I have my dream light fixture picked out for this space one day, but a quick and easy revamp was $4 can of spray paint and $4 glass votives. I am just waiting to have some Edison bulbs come in and this baby will be done and works in the space a little better.


I fell in love when I saw the big antique rattan mirror in a store. I knew I could do something fun with it. I have been loving the basket wall art trend going around and knew I wanted to try my hand at tackling it. I started my thrift journey to complete this wall. The most expensive piece on this wall was $3. I sprayed a few black and stained others to have a good variety of color on the wall. I couldn’t believe how easily and cheap this wall art was to create!

Make sure to check out my IGTV if you want to see exactly how I put this together!


I finally wanted to give my Addie girl a new place to eat. To be honest she was using the same mat and dog bowls I got her when she was first adopted, and well they were getting a bit sad looking.

I found a “go fetch” black bone shaped mat from Home Goods for $4. Huge shoutout to Hanselmann Pottery for gifting me with these GORGEOUS dog bowls!ย The quality is amazing and the style is so minimal and clean!

Right above her bowls I tackled a mixed matched gallery wall!

Most of the frames were thrifted or bought at At Home. Most were a few dollars each. To fill the frames I used a mixture of patterns and photos. I used some of my left over black faux leather to go in one frame, created my own abstract art to match the blue in my kitchen and the tans and blacks in the dining room, and created a simple “kindness” sign.

I was so happy with how this space turned out! The next item would be to add some plant hangs in the far left corner. Until I can build the banquette of my dreams and upgrade the lighting I am so happy with this low cost Boho mixed matched dining room. Now to have some family and friends over to enjoy the space!



I hope this inspires you to go thrift and create in your own space, and as always I would love to see your own style! I’m just a dm away onInstagram!

With Grace,


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