Thrifted Summer Picnic

After reading Jen Schmidt’s book “Just Open the Door” I was encouraged to inviting community in and opening my doors. But the fact that it is 2020 means being creative. So I invited a few close friends to a picnic in the park, but because I am me I decided to thrift some items to elevate the event.

The picnic basket, cutlery basket, bag and cutting board are all thrifted items. The candle sticks and blanket were found on sales! Making this a low cost gathering.

I took a trip to Trader Joe’s to ensure the final touches for the event!

*Hosting Tip: To save cost offer to supply the drinks and snacks and ask your friends to bring their own sandwich or lunch!

TraderJoe’s Finds- Strawberries, crackers, cheese, Sparkling French Berry Lemonade, and the BEST dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Those Peanut butter cups are seriously the most delicious!

I hope to encourage you to get out, invite your friends and thrift for the fun pieces to elevate the time with your friends! ❀

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