DIY Fall Sign!!

I LOVE fall!!! This is my first fall in my home and I can not wait to decorate for Fall, but I have also been challenging myself to not spend like crazy! So when I saw a rustic wall hang at the thrift store for $7 I knew immediately I wanted to turn it into a fall sign. It was sooo easy. Here is what you need!


–  Multi Surface Satin Black Paint

–  Small Foam Brush

–  Martha Stewart Adhesive Laser-Cut Stencils, Didot

– Board of Choice!

  • Once you have the stencils needed for your first word use the stencils to line up your text.
  • Use the small brush and dab the paint into the stencils to prevent bleeding.
  • Be careful to let the paint dry as you lay the next stencil (there were times I didn’t wait long enough. Opps!


And that is it!! If you are interested in seeing the video tutorial watch below!

With Grace,


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